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Every donation makes a big difference. You may also use the DONATE button to contribute for sponsorship, program ads, or to support a 501(c)3 non-profit, tax deductible, social justice arts organization.

If you have questions please contact us:     (415)863-9603

 help sustain tea roots!

You can help Tea Roots in numerous ways. In addition to financial support, Tea Roots receives in-kind contributions of all kinds. You can also contribute your time and talent to help us provide more resources to artists, writers, and the community.

The Tea Roots Board of Directors prioritizes the long range sustainability of the organization. It's a vital resource for emerging artists and writers. Through their volunteer work, participants are provided with opportunities for publication and exhibiting that would  otherwise be unavailable. Simultaneously, Tea Roots focuses artistic attention on pressing, social issues that require more representation in culture.otherwise be unavailable. Simultaneously, Tea Roots

Tea Mistress, Ayden Bee, reviving the TP mini-van to arrive on time for volunteer setup at the annual Watershed Environmental Poetry Festival in Martin Luther King, Jr. Civic Center Park, Berkeley, September 2009.


Tea Roots is primarily an all-volunteer-based organization that relies heavily on its volunteers and interns. Volunteers are empowered to produce, design, and artistically contribute to every aspect of the organization's art programs. As well, volunteers are needed to help with the administrative aspects of operations. To volunteer, please Email:


Wanda Sabir teaching the "Mygration" of our ancestry across continents, choreographing diaspora through interactive art display with patrons at the Joyce Gordon Gallery in Oakland, Nov 2017.

Tea Roots has an internship program, which provides enriching, educational opportunities for college students and others that are unique in the support of emerging community art. Students develop transferable skills and foster supportive relationships with artists, writers, and arts professionals.

Tea Roots advances awareness of the larger issues that contribute to the original causes of humanitarian problems, engaging youth in the designs of prevention and solutions to future needs through emerging art.

Internship Program:

College students and other interns are involved in all aspects of Tea Roots operations, ranging from field supervision, technology design, and public administration.


  • Assistant Art Curator

  • Photography Curator

  • Grant Writer

  • Assistant to the Executive Director

Send email ( to apply.

The birth of the 1st Tea Roots popup curated artshow, "Little Boxes", December 2015.

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