art exhibit

november 3, 2017

Since time immemorial, communities have migrated with the hopes of beginning new, more dignified and more lucrative lives, making new plans, and realizing new dreams. In a sense, we inhabitants of the globe are all migrants – though the conditions and reasons have changed through time. Migrations may be due to climate change, international movements spurred by political conditions, dire conditions, local migration due to gentrification, mass increases in living cost, or labor opportunities.

We are open to the many interpretations of migration. The vast considerations may include historical references. These could include the Great Migration of African Americans from the rural South; migration of middle-class white populations during the mid-20th century out of Oakland, and the Midwest commonly known as “White Flight,” the Native American Removal Act by President Andrew Jackson, the internment of Japanese Americans in the US during WW2, the prohibition of Chinese immigrant laborers and the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act.


More current references can be economic resources, war, or environmental havoc affecting war refugees from Syria, Latin Americans escaping violence from their home, or human trafficking and the violence perpetrated towards women and children.

Artists come together artists whose work transforms, shifts observation to participation, and inspires collaborative solutions.


The "Mygration" art & poetry exhibition is made possible by our generous sponsors:

Poets & Writers Readings/Workshop Program

Joyce Gordon Gallery, Oakland

Sixth Course Artisan Confections, San Francisco

Arizmendi - Emeryville Bakery & Pizzeria

and Individual Donors & Volunteers