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Tea Roots has collaborated with many organizations in the past. New collaborations are always welcome!

Located in beautiful Downtown Oakland, the elegant Joyce Gordon Gallery 1500 sq ft gallery has hosted over 200 exhibitions.  Primarily focused on Bay Area artists, exhibits celebrate the unique creativity of the culturally rich and diverse region. In addition, the Gallery provides creative and cultural exchanges with artists nationally and internationally.

Located in San Francisco's Union Square, Sherwood Gallery presents a collaborative space where artists are invited to explore the cultural discourse of the Bay Area community and its intersection with global contemporary art & idea trends. Through the facilitation of exhibition openings, informal panel discussions, and relational events, Sherwood’s program creates an active exchange reflecting on new possibilities for imagination & innovation. 


Sherwood Design Engineers is a site civil engineering practice committed to the optimal integration of ecology, infrastructure, and design. They specialize in water management strategies, green building design, and urban planning. Their recommendations minimize the consumption of all site resources— carbon, energy, water, and waste.

Located in the historic Mission District of San Francisco, Shotwell 50 is the home base for Tea Roots and has hosted numerous events and educational activities for artists and writers. Tea Roots is headquartered above the Shotwell 50 gallery space.

Shotwell 50 Studio building was built in 1906 with a gallery space measuring 17' x 45' (765 square feet) with a 14ft tall ceiling.

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